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Cancer Nutritionist

Firoze N. Mehta

6 out of every 10 people in the developed world live with at least one chronic disease. Approximately 1 out of every 2 will experience cancer in their lifetimes. It's time we stop and ask ourselves: why?

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Integrative Cancer Care
From a Higher Perspective

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The Root Cause Holistic Approach

Once you understand and learn about the root causes of cancer, you're going to do whatever it takes to supplement your standard of care to create the best opportunity to heal and survive.

This is what integrative means.. you combine Western medicine with all that we know about what causes cancer and how to reverse the factors that contributed to its occurrence. 

I work with clients all around the world to identify the root causes of their cancer and chronic disease while addressing the fundamental pillars of health to ultimately restore the body back to its default state of health

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Pillars of Health

Your Body Keeps The Score

When we work together, we stack the deck and leave no stone unturned. I'm here to help with all of it.



The prerequisite to all other pillars. Wake up to the reality behind the physical world and realize what truly causes dis-ease in the body. 



Big topic. Truth in nutrition. Diets. When/How to eat. Supplements. Cooking/recipes. Making it practical. 



Your body was designed to move naturally and regularly. We do what we can with where you're at. But no matter what, we move. 



You cannot heal, digest food or have immunity in a chronically stressed nervous system state. Mindfulness, mindset and healthy emotions. 



What good is spending all the time/effort eating right when your digestion is compromised? You are what you can digest and absorb.



Just 8 glasses of water right? Getting this pillar right is low hanging fruit and must be addressed properly if you expect to function optimally.



We spend 1/3 of our lives here. It is our most healing and restorative activity, but sadly most people do not get deep, quality sleep.



We're all swimming in the same toxic soup. Our body knows how to detox, but it needs help to heal years of blockage from toxic buildup.

Meet Firoze Mehta

I am a Certified Hippocrates Health Educator® and Nutrition Therapist Master. I love nothing more than to help others by revealing the truth in all things health. My goal is to identify your root causes and establish powerful habits that will realign the body to its default state of healing.   

Portrait of Firoze Mehta Holistic Nutritionist for cancer
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